We realize that when learning a second language, it is important that the process is enjoyable for the student. Nobody wants to be back in a strictly school environment! For this reason, we keep our classes laid back, easy, and fun. However, at the same time, the most important thing is that the necessary information is communicated. So your classes are consistently informational, while at the same time entertaining!

Our Team



Jeaneth Barrionuevo

Jeaneth comes from Baños. Professional language teacher, she owned and operated the Si Centro de Español e Inglés in Baños until 1999, when the Tungurahua volcano encouraged her to relocate back to Cuenca. There she continues to run the language school and is active in the travel industry."
- From the section Aknowledgements: Footprint, Ecuador and Galápagos Handbook 3rd edition. Robert & Daisy Kunstaetter

Carlitos Vasquez

Elena Niola

Chely Barrionuevo

Fabiola Álvarez

About Cuenca


Did you know that Cuenca is the third largest city in Ecuador? DSC06889_600px

Cuenca is well known for its Culture, Architecture, and Arts. It was settled by decree of the Spanish Viceroy Don Andrés Hurtado de Mendoza in Tumipampa (Valley of the Flowers) on April 12th, 1557. It was originally named Santa Ana de los Rios de Cuenca, to honor the Viceroy's homeland in Spain—Cuenca de España—and is also an important connection between the capital cities of Quito and Lima.



Colonial and modern architecture mingle in Cuenca, as do the culture and languages. Cuenca offers choices between the traditional and modern. From tranquil plazas, colonial cathedrals, exquisite churches, cafés and hostels, to nightly live music, nightclubs, discos and salsotecas, to art galleries, museums, and local markets, we have a handful of activities waiting to fulfill your curiosity and expectations. Are you traveling on a tight budget? Are you vegetarian? Would you like some advice on lodging or homestay? Do you want to exchange books? We have all the first hand information and assistance you may need.