We realize that when learning a second language, it is important that the process is enjoyable for the student. Nobody wants to be back in a strictly school environment! For this reason, we keep our classes laid back, easy, and fun. However, at the same time, the most important thing is that the necessary information is communicated. So your classes are consistently informational, while at the same time entertaining!

We offer one-on-one instruction or instruction in small groups, with tuition adjusted accordingly. All levels of Spanish are available, including elementary, intermediate, advanced, and Spanish for professional fields. Our regular program consists of 20 classroom hours per week, and our intensive program consists of more than 20 hours per week, normally 30.


After an initial consultation with each student to ascertain proficiency, our instructors tailor individual learning programs for each student. You can learn slowly and thoroughly if you have plenty of time to study, or if you only have a week or two, we can give you a quick overview of the basics you will need to safely and successfully continue your travels. In the world of Spanish schools, it is quite common for schools to simply have set programs for students, regardless of whether or not the student is ready for the material or if it is redundant. We realize and avoid this approach in order to assure that your time is utilized wisely.

You will learn all aspects of the Spanish language, consisting of Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Conversation.


We have the same small number of families for years. They do not speak English!
You will find them to be charming and gracious people.

Private Spanish Lessons

1 Student 8.50 USD per Hour
2 Students 6.00 USD per Hour and Student

Homestay Accomodation

Only Room 12 USD per Day
Room with Breakfast 15 USD per Day
Room with 2 Meals 18 USD per Day
All prices are per Person

Additional Services

We are happy to provide additional information and to arrange additional services for you upon request, including: homestays (with three meals per day), hotel or hostal reservations, guided excursions and tours, bike rental, salsa lessons and the most current information on local events. In the comforts of our cozy atmosphere, students inevitably become friends with other students and teachers, especially in our Cultural Fridays, where our students learn to prepare local typical dishes and drinks, and share experiences with others in Spanish.
If you would like to further your Spanish studies in Ecuador, we would be glad to arrange reservations for you in other quality schools in the towns of Quito, Baños Ambato, and Otavalo.